Cyber security services that converge with your mission.

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    Effective Cyber Solutions

    Convergent Mission Solutions provides cyber security professionals and support to operations center, so organizations can focus on the strategic issues that move them forward.

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    Cyber Security professionals are highly skilled at looking for networks intrusions, and determining the best courses of actions. We provide access to a highly sought after Cyber workforce to supplement or help build your existing staff.

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    For existing organizations, we look at your existing processes. Recognizing that all programs rely on a foundation of core knowledge, CMS can help you capture and chart your program for ease of implementation and development of repeatable processes.

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    Whether it’s intrusion detection systems, network alerting, or insider threat program development, we support programs and tools that provide layered security and defense in depth, to keep your operation running smoothly.

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Here's a very good explanation of the newest malware threat DNS Changer. 

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