CMS offers a full Human Resources (HR) component, giving you personal services to manage your benefits:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Short Term & Long Term Disability
  • Available Health Savings Accounts (FSA, HAS, HRA, DCAP)
  • Available 10 & 20 Year Term Life Insurance Plans
  • Available Retirement/401K planning with employer contributions (vesting plan)
  • Available 529 College Savings Plan
  • Online Benefits Enrollment
  • CMS Employee Handbook
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Online Timekeeping
  • Direct Deposit & available membership to Tower Federal Credit Union
  • Health and Wellness Education
  • Additional Value Added Benefits
  • Employee & non-employee referral bonus

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Wanna get a headstart on #cybersecurity conferences you should attend? Start with this list. Via @HPE #InfoSec

6:43pm Apr 24th

CMS effectively manages networks with varying levels of layered security or defense in depth to proactively identif…

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CMS understands the importance of situational awareness, two-way communication, and custom organizational processes for responding to network security issues and managing critical resources. Get your maximum return on investment.

5:06pm Apr 24th

The development of real cyberinsurance, like health insurance, is going to be expensive, but it can also provide incentives for improving cybersecurity. Just as medical and life insurance policies offer discounts for people who don’t smoke or keep healthy regimens, cyberinsurance policies could do the same for corporations that maintain “good hygiene” or follow “best practices” in computer security. Our values translate to employees and supported clients - how can we help with your cybersecurity needs?

2:27pm Apr 24th

CMS support programs and tools provide layered security and defense in depth. This is the solution for keeping your operation running smoothly and sustainably in the future. Learn more:

10:57pm Apr 23rd

Under the current version of the Cybersecurity Act, “Cybersecurity” means any measure or procedure established to prevent, handle, and/or mitigate the risk of Cyber Threats from both inside and outside the country, which affect national security, economic security, martial security, and public order. Our values translate to employees and supported clients - how can we help with your cybersecurity needs?

2:27pm Apr 23rd

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Our values translate to employees and supported clients.