Tier 2 Cyber Security Analyst

Location: Wilton, CT
Type of Work: Full Time

This job is being sought for a Full-time employment position with a supported client. 

Immediate opening for Tier-2 Cyber Security Analysts to support Computer Incident Response Team for a Financial client’s Security Operations Center (SOC). Skills require 2-8 years hands-on experience in detection, response, mitigation, and/or reporting of cyber threats affecting enterprise networks with the following additional requirements:

  • Experience in computer intrusion analysis and incident response
  • Intrusion detection
  • Computer network surveillance/monitoring
  • Knowledge and understanding of network protocols, network devices, multiple operating systems, and secure architectures
  • Experience in computer evidence seizure, computer forensic analysis, and data recovery
  • Computer network forensics
  • System log analysis; experience using Splunk
  • Experience and knowledge of current cyber threats and associated tactics, techniques, and procedures used to infiltrate computer networks.
  • Current experience with network intrusion detection and response operations (Protect, Defend, Respond and Sustain methodology)
  • Current experience with cyber threats and the associated tactics, techniques, and procedures used to infiltrate computer networks
  • Demonstrated ability to document processes and add value to existing processes and procedures
  • Ability to respond to crises objectively
  • Proficiency with MS Office Applications, Archer, ServiceNow, or Jira/Confluence

The role will encompass the following duties in which the candidate must demonstrate relevant experience:

Incident Response Responsibilities

  • Declares incident
  • Validate investigatory leads
  • Investigation phase of IR

Non-Incident Response Responsibilities

  • Signature tuning
  • Tool maintenance and configuration
  • Validation of Tier-1 tickets/signature tuning
  • SIEM Enhancements (dashboards/visibility)

Hunting Responsibilities

  • Input for hypothesis development; focusing on critical areas of discovery
  • Learn skills to advance hunting capabilities
    • Data gathering for hunt campaigns
    • Guided Hunt Analysis (by Tier-3)

Certification Minimum:

GCFE +additional host-based training and certifications (to be reviewed upon request).

Applicants must have the minimum certification requirement(s) to be considered. 

Send resume to info@convergentmissions.com or use the form to get in contact with CMS.



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